Based on the location we use different type of glass and frame to protect from harsh weathers.

There are multiple windows with different styles and designs when replacing or buying a new home. Usage of these windows is defined by their style and material, based on which estimated price is quoted. When selecting a window type, the architectural style of your house needs to be considered. We can help you find the right kind of window that suits your style and home needs from among various designs that exist.

New Windows Styles

Single Hung Window

Single-hung windows are vertically placed with their lower window panel able to move up and down. The upper panel is fixed in its position. They are best for places where the top panel cannot open, such as the area above the kitchen sink, walkways or patios. It is also easy to maintain and clean single hung windows as the panels are easy to access and have superior energy efficiency.

We offer single hung windows in quality materials of wood, fiberglass and vinyl, which can be customized with interior and exterior finishes to enhance the outlook of your home. Our window series ranges are of superior design and quality that can be used as new windows or replacement windows.

Double Hung Windows

Double-hung windows are similar to single-hung windows. However, both upper and lower panels can move in these windows, which gives more easy access for cleaning and maintenance of the windows. This can make them be a significant source of natural light. It is also one of the most popular suggestions of Charles replacement windows that homeowners install.

Their design makes them flexible to be installed at all kinds of classic to contemporary homes. Our window installation options for this kind of window are available in wood, fiberglass and vinyl. Our windows are priced, so they are cost-effective for the customers with the best window installation service.

Awning Window

These are attractive and universal windows due to their versatile design. They are made with a fold-away crank, which makes them swing outwards when the window is opened. They are hinged at the top such that the frame can swing outwards, adding more light and opening up space when they have been added above or below other windows. Especially in wet climates, they can be a source of ventilation.

In our awning range of windows, the materials used are of three types. Our customers who have awning windows installed are given a choice to upgrade them to dual or triple-pane windows. These are energy-efficient windows that can help house owners save energy. You can customize your awning windows with us in different styles and get quality windows. 

Casement Windows

Casement windows are quite famous due to their design and ease of use. They swing outwards as they are hinged at the side with a fold-away crank attached to the left and right of its frame. They are most used for letting the sunlight and fresh air in.

Their placement can be challenging to reach, such as tight corners or above the kitchen sink. Wood, fiberglass, and vinyl are used to make a modern and clean look to the house.

Sliding Windows

Sliding windows are among the favorites and simple styles used in family-owned houses. Their uncomplicated design makes them beautiful and clean. Two horizontal windows are placed side by side in the design such that they can slide over each other when opened and closed. They are suitable for areas that need to be opened and closed frequently.

Sliding windows are easy to manage and look after, which can save your energy and time. Materials available in these windows are vinyl and fiberglass. These are strong materials that can last for years.

 Bay or Bow Windows

If you have limited wall space and want to expand the view and spacing in the room, then bay or bow windows can be the option for you. A bay window is a fixed window panel in the center with venting windows covering it on both sides. While a bow window is four or more windows that join beautifully to make a curve, they can be venting or fixed or both depending on the style you prefer.

These windows extend outwards to add more space to the room and have more light enter it. They can be put in the library, dining room, bedroom or home office. They are available in wood, fiberglass and vinyl options. They come in multiple sizes and angles so that you can select any style from our range according to your preference.

Picture Windows

Picture windows are mainly used to showcase the outside of your home. These are fixed windows that do not open, but they are a significant source of light in your home. They can also be paired with other kinds of windows, such as casement windows.

If you have a beautiful lawn or spectacular outside area that you would like to highlight, then a picture window can help you increase the attractiveness of your home. These windows are also easy to clean and maintain. They can be in wood, fiberglass and vinyl with multiple shape options. A triangle, circle or spring line window can be an attractive room addition for your home.

Custom Windows

When looking for windows, you might desire to have a unique and different style based on your needs and taste. Hence this option that we provide is for such homeowners. We can customize your desired type of window. These windows can offer unique shapes and functionality that fits your style.

We can design according to your aesthetic at the lowest price with top-notch service. Customized windows can be extra tall, broad, curved or angled coupled with our other designs. Our team of experts can do a great job at making windows according to your necessity.

Glass Block Windows

These are traditional and are used as room dividers or in shower doors and basements. They can boost the look of your home and add little light. They can also increase the security of your house, and people from outside cannot see inside as they have partial visibility.

Hopper Windows

Hopper windows are usually placed higher up on the walls and are used for ventilation. They open from the top and tip downwards to let fresh air in. They can be installed in basements and bathrooms. Humidity is also reduced in spaces where they are installed.

Jalousie Windows

They are pretty standard in the old made home. The glass and metal are split into horizontal sections such that it is easy to open and close these sections. They are good at ventilating the house, so people living in warmer climates can prefer them.

Installing Energy Efficient Windows

Traditional Style

Traditionally the windows installed are single glass pane or double glass pane, which are not efficient in insulation by keeping the extra cold and heat weathers out. Your costs of heating and cooling can increase due to the poor quality of windows installed. Window replacement might bear a significant investment, but it improves comfort and saves you from hefty energy bills in the long term. It is an informed decision that one can make.

Triple-Pane Glass

The double and triple plane glass with inert gasses will enable efficient insulation of heat and cold. The window frame plays a vital role in window insulating abilities. Hence a window frame like vinyl siding suitable for the windowpane can make high-quality replacement windows. Window spacing is also kept such that condensation doesn’t form. Trained window installers can design and make the most energy-efficient windows such that your energy bills stay low and comfort increases.



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Window Installers

Installation Crew

Good windows do not look versatile if your window contractors do not appropriately install them. Improperly installed windows might cost you more as they can take up more energy. We have certified and trained window installers that are experts in installing new windows and replacement windows.

They inspect and measure the window areas, estimate the time it will take to complete the design and placement and inform you about the installation details with the total costs, including the labor and material costs. Our window installers are hardworking professionals that are diligent in their work. They treat the clients with respect and care.

Reliable Installation

The process of window installation is thorough and reliable. Our team of workers arrive at your place and inspect the areas. They explain what they will be doing and determine if you have any special needs or requirements. They take extra care in handling and protecting your property. During the service, they strive to keep the home clean, and after the work is done, they leave the house as it was before they arrived. Our team is led by a certified expert that ensures all steps are correctly performed and installation is done promptly.

Installation Process

The process on the installation day is explained below:

  • Measuring the window size and opening ensure it fits.
  • Removing the old windows or any protecting cover that was in its place.
  • Prepare the window siding.
  • Insert the window in the wood or vinyl siding.
  • Pack the insulation in the window.
  • Ensure the window is properly fit and clad on the interior and exterior.
  • Caulk the new window.
  • Clean the new window and make sure all the components fit perfectly.
Quality Inspection

After the installation is completed, we give you a walk-through to be satisfied with the final result. The job area is extensively cleaned to enhance the outlook of the new window. The team also provides you with information about effectively cleaning and maintaining the window.



We put extensive research to use the most durable and robust materials in the making and installing the windows. High-quality caulk, coil and insulation are utilized to provide the homeowners with the most reliable products. The materials we use are approved by the manufacturer so that no inferior goods can affect the value of quality products.

Replacement Details

At St. Charles, MO, we offer complete customer satisfaction to homeowners. Whether it be garage doors, exterior doors, new roofs, window replacements or entry doors, our service and products are high quality. First, contact us to get a free estimate for high-quality windows and entry doors. Our popular services include quality window replacement. We have qualified window contractors that ensure the best window replacement you can find in the window world. Avail of our free estimate and get our service at your doorstep with convenience.

Our free estimate guarantees to help you with all the necessary details regarding designs, styles and costs. Few questions are also answered on our website, but contact us for free to understand our efficient service.


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