Storm Damage

Water damage, damaged glass, roof leaks, siding damage, and other issues can all be caused by extreme weather. Because restoring these damages might be difficult, it’s better to leave it to the pros.

Nature is a formidable adversary for the exterior of your houses like the paint, attic, roofs, siding, construction of gutter and a professional replacement project in St Charles, MO. We’ve seen it all, from severe winds and hail damage to thunderstorms and flooding.

All of this leads to storm damage repair, the urgent need to repair your roofs or opt for a professional construction or replacement in St Charles, MO. And hence, the filing of insurance claims and a huge estimate for the process of construction, repair or replacement in St Charles County.

You will need a siding repair, a gutter exterior inspection and your roof damage after storm damage. You will also require new roof installations by a trustable company in St Charles, MO. Our roofing experts offer a free inspection of a severely damaged roof repair. Other businesses or roofing contractors in St Charles, MO, may not provide a free roof inspection for your new roof, especially if you are looking for roofing contractors after severe storms.

Storm damage is one of the most potent types of harm that, if ignored, can be both costly and hazardous. Protect your roof, your valuables, and your loved ones from future damage by having Brody Allen Exteriors take care of any potential damage.

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Damage Repair Experts

Wind storms can be particularly damaging to your new roof, especially if it has been subjected to years of consistent high winds. While some types of wind damage, such as falling debris or shingles, are more evident, other types of wind damage aren’t. Wind damage might result in an increase in your energy bill, the collapse of your new roof, or defects in the structure of your new roof. The integrity of the materials and the design of your roof are essential.

Hail storms can do severe damage to your roof repair work, whether summer thunderstorms or hard winter storms cause them after all microscopic ice pellets are crashing down at incredible speeds on your roof. While your roof replacement is designed to protect you, even a severe hail storm can cause significant damage to your roof replacement over time.

What are your chances of getting hurt? The severity of hail damage repair will also be determined by the material used to construct your roof repair in St Charles, MO. These materials could include:

Hail damage frequently manifests itself as minor or major dents in the structure of your roof in St Charles, as well as excessive water damage. If your gutters or roof aren’t draining water properly, water damage might result. Sitting water can collect and dissolve the components in your roof, causing it to collapse. Check your roof for signs of wear after the storm has passed, and make sure the melting water has somewhere to drain. If you’re unsure, speak with one of our roofing contractors.

We’ll be able to inspect your roof safely and quickly for evidence of hail damage repair.

The first category includes any damage caused by lightning strikes. While lightning striking your property is extremely unlikely, the chances aren’t zero. If your home has been hit by lightning and has been damaged, call 911 right once. Lightning can damage your electrical system, cause fires, and cause other types of damage that require rapid attention and possibly medical attention. Following that, you may need emergency roofing repairs, which we can also assist with.

We’ll go through some of the many indicators of storm damage and what you should be aware of. If a storm has damaged your roof and you’re unsure whether you need repairs or a replacement, give us a call. We provide free estimates to assist you in determining what you require.


Reconstruction & Repair 

It all begins with the construction of your home and the overall condition of your roof. When your roof is built with care, attention, and consideration for the harsh elements that will damage it, you have a solid foundation that will protect your home and last for years. When your roof is well-built, the risks of significant damage to your roofing materials are reduced.

Also, you have a good interior roofing contractor that built a structure that allows you to fix rather than replace your roof if it sustains minor damage. Whether you’re building your dream house or replacing an existing roof, choose a roof composed of durable and high-quality materials.

We’ll also go over how to submit an insurance claim properly and how to get your roof fixed. Our team communicates directly with your insurance company, ensuring that your claim and roof are in the best possible hands.

We value the safety of your home. We understand how damaging storms can be for your family, business, and bottom line. We understand storm damage as your local leader with over 25 years of experience. We offer free inspections to help you get your business in St Louis back to normal as quickly as possible. When we find damage during our thorough inspection, we provide estimates, bids, photos, and complete documentation, including the scope of work and repairs. Once we’ve been chosen to complete your project, we offer emergency services such as tarping and shrink wrapping, if needed, to keep your business in St Louis safe during the restoration process.

Roof Replacement

We guide you through the insurance claim procedure so you can get your property in St Louis back to normal as soon as possible. We specialize in complete storm damage repairs and construction in Missouri. You can count on us to deliver the best quality workmanship, high-grade materials, and cutting-edge technology to bring your property in St Louis back to normal as soon as possible.

Regardless of whether your roof is damaged or not, it would help if you got it inspected at least once a year, preferably in the spring and fall. Now, if you live in a region where storms are likely, we recommend having your roof evaluated after any significant storm.

To get your roof replaced:

  1. Start on the ground for self-conducted roof inspections.
  2. Search the ground beneath your roof for roofing supplies. If you notice any, please notify us right away to pinpoint the exact source of the problem and resolve it before it becomes a more significant issue.
  3. Suppose there’s nothing visible on the ground.

In that case, it’s time to climb up onto the roof (if you can’t do it safely or comfortably, call your roofing contractor in St Charles, MO) and look for any indicators of construction damage particular to your type of roofing.

You may avoid costly repairs or replacements by letting roofing experts inspect before insurance companies!

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For professional storm restoration and hail damage repair in Saint Charles, we also provide lifetime warranties. The job isn’t done once we’ve repaired your home. Our lifetime warranties assure that you’ll always have a safe roof over your head, and they’re available at your convenience.

We can provide you with a free estimate for your construction process, whether gutter, siding, or roofing repairs! You can contact us on our phone number for more information on roof repairs, siding and insurance company suggestions.


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