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Sturdy siding that is made from good quality material and can be customized in style and color.

Brody Allen Exterior’s steel siding contractors in St Louis and Missouri offer a professional siding installation service with quality work and a great job at an affordable price. Brody Allen is the only name you need to know if you’re looking for a competent siding contractor for your new roof. We’ve developed a solid reputation for our fantastic job for gateway exteriors, steel siding installations, and siding replacement for the entire roof for a long time in Saint Louis, MO.

We’re happy to offer siding services without the quacks to America! Our seamless siding installation is unlike anything else you’ll find in the Lake Saint Louis business in MO. It is custom cut to fit your home’s specific dimensions. It’s also installed by expert siding exterior contractors with many years of experience.

Types Of Siding In Saint Charles – Best Home Siding Contractors!

Here’s a look at the benefits, costs, and upkeep of these popular materials, as well as the classic wood and metal options in Saint Charles, MO.

Wood Siding Contractors In Saint Charles

Few people would argue that wood siding is one of the most appealing types of home siding. Wood planks, boards or panels, and shingles are all common types of wood siding. Many ancient properties include wood clapboard lap siding, one of the earliest types of house siding. Wood siding’s main disadvantages are its expensive cost and relatively high care requirements in Saint Charles, MO.


Wood siding is offered in a wide range of forms, textures, and finishes for aesthetic reasons. Horizontal wood clapboard or beveled lap siding features overlapping connections. Vertical wood plank and board siding are available in board and batten, board-on-board, channel groove, and tongue-and-groove designs. Board siding is also available in a plywood variant, commonly referred to as T1-11, which is exterior plywood with various face treatments and groove patterns to mimic a traditional board-and-batten style.


Repairing wood siding is relatively simple, but installing it over existing siding is more challenging. An exterior finish, such as paint or stain, is required for wood. It is susceptible to sun damage, rot, and insects, as well as warping and splitting. Painted finishes are more difficult to maintain and require careful outside house painting preparation. If the home isn’t adequately ventilated, wood siding is susceptible to paint problems. Stained finishes usually require less upkeep than painted finishes in Saint Charles, MO.

Aluminum and steel siding are two types of metal siding. The high-maintenance requirements of wood siding prompted the search for a replacement. Aluminum siding was the first to meet the criteria, and it has evolved into a low-maintenance and popular siding option for newer homes throughout time. Steel siding has been popular in recent years due to the availability of low-cost international steel.

Horizontal aluminum and steel siding is available in horizontal strips that look like wood lap siding and include a mounting flange at the top for nailing and an interlocking edge at the bottom to keep the weather out. In modern-style homes, galvanized corrugated roofing is frequently utilized for siding.

Metal Siding Contractors In Saint Charles

Metal siding is available in a wide variety of forms, including horizontal and vertical strips and panels, as well as shingles. It’s difficult to tell the difference between metal and wood siding from afar. For best corrosion resistance, this siding usually comes with a factory-applied coating. For corrosion protection, plain, unfinished panels are commonly galvanized.


Metal siding is frequently used as “retrofit” siding, and it is occasionally put directly over wood siding when minimal maintenance trumps aesthetics or when the wood siding is severely damaged. There have been reports of prefinished painted finishes fading and chalking on brick walls beneath the siding of metal homes. Colorfastness is generally better in newer versions than in older versions.

Metal is now available with specific plastic or vinyl coatings for added fading and weathering resistance. Denting is familiar with aluminum and steel, and it can not be clear. Note that when this sort of siding is retrofitted to existing structures, a layer of fiber panels is usually installed underneath the planks. This will help to insulate the walls.


Steel and aluminum siding are low-maintenance options. Aluminum siding with a plastic or vinyl coating might have a 35-year warranty. Pre-painted aluminum siding is susceptible to chalking. When it comes to aluminum or steel siding, denting is a common issue.

Vinyl Siding In Saint Charles

Vinyl siding, like aluminum siding, is sold in strips with interlocking edges. The siding strips are joined and separated using a unique tool known as a zip tool.


Vinyl is available in a variety of styles and colors, including horizontal and vertical panels. Wood shake/shingle style vinyl siding is available in a range of textures. Each contractor in Missouri is familiar with the impending business of vinyl siding replacement that can give your St Charles, MO house a new look.


Vinyl siding is frequently placed over old wood siding as a retrofit. When exposed to impact in cold temperatures, vinyl is prone to breaking. Siding will distort or buckle if it is not installed correctly. Note that when this sort of siding is retrofitted to existing structures, a layer of fiber panels is usually installed underneath the planks. This will help to insulate the walls.


Vinyl is a low-maintenance siding material that never needs painting because the color is consistent throughout. Siding sections that have cracked must be fixed or replaced. Better grade products come with limited lifetime guarantees of up to 50 years. A brand new home with vinyl siding.

Fiber Cement Siding In Saint Charles

Cement fiber siding is the most recent advancement in home siding. It’s long-lasting, low-maintenance, and resource-efficient because it’s built of recyclable materials. Fiber cement siding is similar to wood siding in terms of cutting and installation. 

In terms of aesthetics, fiber cement siding is nearly indistinguishable from some types of wood siding. Additional trim and millwork components are also available to add visual interest and enhance the overall appearance.


Fiber cement is available in two finishes: primed and pre-finished. It comes in various forms, including beveled planks, shingle or shake siding, and stucco panels. Our St Charles, MO business offers roofing services to redesign your place in St Louis or Missouri. Gutters commonly need a quick replacement, and our St Charles company does its best to replace all windows, roofing faults and complete the project within the deadline. Our roofing company in St. Charles, MO, can provide you with a siding replacement in St Charles with the help of a Missouri contractor.


Fiber cement is a very long-lasting and beneficial material for a business owner. The project material is resistant to decay and insect attack that can help many businesses. We offer repair roofing services for your house and business that give a new look to your roof. Fiber cement requires almost no upkeep. Major manufacturers routinely offer 50-year warranties, and even longer warranties are popular. Our professional job quality ensures that your roofing repair and windows enhance your home exteriors’ curb appeal.

Benefits Of Hiring Saint Charles Siding Contractors

Expert installation – Our metal siding repair is solely focused on the structure of siding for different businesses. They won’t put siding materials up one day and windows up the next. You may rest assured that only trustworthy steel or fiber cement siding contractors will install your vinyl siding.


Strong work ethic — Many fiber cement siding contractors start tasks and then move on to other projects before finishing the first. Those jobs never seem to end. We are committed to completing every work we begin as quickly as possible before moving on to the next. We are dedicated to you from the start to the finish of your project.

Guaranteed product availability – Like the vinyl siding contractors, our product lines will be around for a long time to come in Saint Charles, MO. As you can see, we have complete control over the product development process, from raw materials to siding installation, and we only work with one supplier with vinyl siding repair. 

Innovative technology, products, and services – We thank our close-knit family of franchisees for propelling us to new heights of growth and innovation like vinyl siding and fiber cement siding. We are constantly exchanging ideas and discussing new techniques to extend our manufacturing processes, increase our quality, and streamline our operations. 

While we continue to develop and offer new concepts, products, materials, and manufacturing methods, we guarantee to keep the same basic siding materials, machines, embossers, and equipment we started with. After all, what other steel siding firm can boast that no siding type or color has ever been discontinued? This guarantee ensures that your siding repair will be available to install on time and as promised. This allows us to provide you with the most acceptable possible product for your money.



Customer satisfaction is important to us as siding contractors, and we want to know that we’ve met and surpassed your expectations. As a result, once your siding repair installation is complete, Brody Allen exterior siding repair professionals conduct a customer survey. We place a high value on your pleasure in Saint Charles, MO!

When you hire our workers to build your siding, you get a lifetime, non-prorated, transferable guarantee so that you can have complete peace of mind. We are dedicated to making your time with us as stress-free as possible at Saint Charles, MO.

New siding is one of the most effective ways to increase your home’s functionality, aesthetics, and monetary value in Saint Charles, MO. Various siding materials have come and gone throughout the years, but a few standbys, as well as the occasional upstart, have persisted. For example, asbestos siding is no longer used, and fiberglass and hardboard composite siding have mainly been replaced with vinyl and fiber cement, a new standard.

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Professional Exterior Services In St. Charles

Our long-term employees can replace siding from hail damage. Most of our previous projects were conducted professionally, with the siding replaced after being destroyed by mother nature. As one of the top siding contractors at Saint Louis, you can return your roof with insulated vinyl protection. A siding replacement with insulated vinyl protection can safeguard you from the weather conditions in St Charles.

Unlike other companies, we value our St Charles, MO homeowners and provide them with several bids multiple times to change their old deck in St Charles, MO. The Charles area has seen numerous quality and professional services by Brody Allen, including roofing repair for many businesses and quality repair jobs for the windows in St Charles. Our St Charles roofing services offer siding replacement in areas like St Louis and Missouri.

As a certified roofing contractor company, our owner goes the extra mile as a replacement and roofing contractor in St Louis and Missouri to complete your exterior project within the time frame decided. Our roofing contractor in St Charles is the supervisor of our roofing project. This includes replacement of gutters, roofing replacement, and the remodeling of windows in St Charles.

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