Ice dams on the roof develop when snow accumulates, melts during the daytime, and refreezes at night when the temperatures drop. An ice dam can pose serious risks to your home, including the risk of structural damage. If you’ve got heavy snow accumulation or ice on your roof, you can take steps to minimize the risks. However, the safest way to de-ice a roof is to contact us. In the meantime, here’s what you need to know.

Use a Roof Rake

The safest way to avoid ice dams is to remove freshly fallen snow or snow buildup using a snow rake. An extender makes it easy to reach the roof without climbing a ladder. Metal, square-cornered roof rakes can pose risks to your roof, so look for a curved, plastic rake instead.

Use your plastic rake to remove snow from a roof peak or edge using a gentle downward motion. Don’t scrape down to the shingles or roof material, which can damage the roof. Also, be careful not to bump into gutters, downspouts, protrusions, or any power lines running to and from the roof. You can also contact Brody Allen Exteriors in Lake Saint Louis, MO for safe and effective snow and ice removal.

Use Roof-Safe Ice Melt

Chemicals are often used to de-ice roadways and melt snow on walkways. They use chemicals such as sodium chloride and calcium chloride, which are highly effective at melting snow and ice. Unfortunately, these chemicals can erode and weaken roof structures.

If you prefer to use chemicals to de-ice your roof, use only those that are safe for roofs or have a “roof approved” label on them. These tend to contain ammonium sulfate, calcium magnesium acetate, or both. They’re available as high-quality, corrosion-free, and eco-friendly tablets, crystals, or powders. Roof-safe liquid de-icers are great for thick, hard-to-move ice and heavy blankets of snow.

Call the Pros

Regardless of how you choose to remove snow and ice from your roof, you need to know when to call an expert. Brody Allen Exteriors has the expertise to de-ice your roof in no time. We know roof types and repair new and existing roofs with superb results. Our contractors are builders who know how to install a new roof while ensuring maximum curb appeal. Lean on us for gutter issues, 24/7 emergency repairs, and storm damage as well. Check out our website for testimonials and coupons, too. Contact Brody Allen Exteriors today for more information about roof replacement or repair in Lake Saint Louis.

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