Are you planning to replace the gutters during future roof repairs? You definitely need to consider installing a copper gutter. Most of the gutter systems are made of steel or aluminum. The popularity of copper gutters has declined over the years, but it is gradually coming back

Although, copper gutters are more expensive to install than other types of gutters, but they have long-term advantages and are worth the investment. Brody Allen Exteriors, a proven expert in roof repair and replacement in the area, shares what makes this gutter choice a worthwhile investment.

1. Copper gutters are incredibly beautiful

Gutters are mostly practical in nature. They do their job and it’s not really about looking good doing it. However, the copper gutter adds a classic beauty to the house.

The copper gutter system is immediately eye-catching when compared to the white standard gutters currently available. Its simple and elegant look and its warm luster give your home a classic touch. Over time, the copper gutters wear to a beautiful patina due to oxidation. Also, if you want to keep the natural color, you can prevent oxidation just by applying a protective sealer.

The copper gutter is also a perfect complement to the copper roof. When planning a copper roof replacement, consider installing a copper gutter.

2. Copper gutters are durable

Copper gutters are renowned for their durability. It is a great choice for those who live in harsh weather conditions. Rain, snow, and intense heat don’t have much of an effect on copper’s durability.

Unlike other metals, copper does not rust. Instead, it develops a patina to make the material more beautiful. In terms of durability, copper gutters tend to hold up longer than lightweight aluminum or thin stainless steel. This means copper gutters are less likely to be dented by falling branches or damaged by impact. Because copper does not rust or rot, you can expect to use your gutters for a very long time.

3. Copper gutters are low-maintenance

Cleaning the gutters is not the most exciting thing. With copper, you can install gutters and almost forget about them. The copper gutter is not only highly resistant to corrosion, but also prevents the formation of algae and fungi. This means that there will be no build-up in the system that will require frequent removal

Basic maintenance needs to be done to prevent it from getting clogged and to extend the life even further, but they require as little maintenance as possible.

4. Copper gutters provides long-term value

Proper installation and maintenance can extend the life of these gutters up to 100 years. And while copper gutters may be more expensive than their counterparts, their durability and performance outweigh the upfront cost.

In addition to roof repairs, Brody Allen Exteriors can also take care of your gutter installation needs. We have years of experience to ensure your gutter installation project runs smoothly from start to finish. With our high quality copper gutters, you can only expect the highest performance that can last a lifetime. Contact us today!