Most roofs are covered by asphalt shingles, but that’s not the only option if you’re looking to make your home stand out from the rest. Other common roofing materials include metal, wood, and tile. You may also be able to acquire shingles that are made of stone or other materials.

Your Budget Will Determine Your Options

Asphalt shingles tend to be the top choice for most homeowners because they’re the most affordable option. Metal is typically the next most affordable option, followed by wood, tile, and stone. Of course, you’ll also have to consider the cost of removing the existing roof and possibly retrofitting your house so that it can handle the extra weight of metal or tile.

The Shape of Your Home Matters

A metal, tile, or stone roof may be best for homes that have a significant slope. This is because they’re better suited to spread out the weight of these materials and minimize the risk of a collapse or other adverse events taking place. Although your house can be modified to increase the existing slope, it could add thousands of dollars to the job. The folks at Brody Allen Exteriors in St. Louis can inspect your roof and make recommendations as to what might be best for your needs and budget. We can also install a new roof when you’re ready to upgrade your home.

What Do the Neighbors Have?

Although there’s nothing wrong with standing out from the crowd, straying too far from the neighborhood aesthetic can make it harder to sell your house. Furthermore, if your home looks too garish, it could impact the property values of the houses surrounding yours.

If you’re looking to put a new roof on your home, call Brody Allen Exteriors right away! We can also help repair, install, or maintain gutters and siding to ensure that your home’s exterior is ready to do battle with the elements.

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