We make supportive gutters against any leakages using different materials of Aluminum, plastic and copper.

Rain gutters play a vital role in protecting the foundation of a building. They channel the rainwater away from the house during rainy weather, therefore mitigating the risks of flooding your basement and harming the landscaping. They come in various shapes, designs and materials provided by exterior businesses. Get a variety of gutter types at Allen Brody Exteriors in St Louis and Missouri.

If you want to install new gutters or replace your existing gutters in remodeling or even a gutter repair, you need to know about the variety that exits them in the market.

Gutter Types

There are two basic types in a gutter: sectional (seamed) and seamless.

Sectional or Seamed gutters

Sectional gutters are easy to manage and can be DIYed as they are simple to attach without the need for any extra equipment. They come in 10 foot long pieces attached to the home’s fascia board through hangers. At the joiner, details of the 10-foot parts can be snapped together or overlapped.

Our service has quality sectional gutters in vinyl and metal, which are cost-effective for homeowners. Each material has its advantage so it can be selected as per your house requirement.

There are fewer choices of style and color available in these gutters. They have seams that need to be sealed, and there is a threat of potential leakage due to clogs. A clogged section due to debris or fallen leaves can cause this leakage. They are made from lightweight vinyl, which cannot be painted; hence limited colors are available. The light vinyl can cause the sections to collapse under the heavyweight of rainwater.


Seamless Gutters

Seamless gutters offer a variety of choices in color and look while having minimum leaking as they have no seams. They give an elegant look as they preserve the horizontal parts of the roof and can match the exterior of your home.

The material we use in our service is aluminum that can be stretched as long as you want such that the length is limitless, from corner to corner, which can be used in gutter repair as well. They are high quality, and with our professional services, we can ensure that you get a superior product.

These gutters cannot be placed easily. Hence you cannot DIY them. This is why they are also expensive as workers of the exterior business need to be called for their placement. If one area of the gutter leaks, the entire section is affected, which would need to be replaced before more outstanding gutter issues, start gathering.


About this Process

Saint Charles business offers high-quality service at a fair price. It provides you with the best material and installation so that rainwater clogs causing damage can be stopped. Our company strives to give customer care and satisfaction to develop long term relationships with the customers. Our business experts carry out the gutter installation process with professional experience and do a meticulous job. 

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    Gutter Installation

    Gutter Shapes


    It is one of the most common shapes which is identical to crown molding. It can carry out more water compared to a half-round gutter. Due to its being built, it is also structurally strong. They are suitable for rainy climate locations.

    Fascia Shape

    This style is primarily tall and narrow, which makes them cover the whole length of the fascia to the high ridge of the roofing, which can also create their service difficult due to their enlarged depth from the roofing. The material primarily used in the is copper. They also carry water more minor than the amount of water carried by the k-shape gutter.

    Half-Round Shape

    This style of gutter has a u-shaped design, which gives that a more traditional look than the K-shaped rain gutters.

    Gutter Materials


    Seamless aluminum gutters are rustproof, easy to install, painted, weatherproof and durable. They are noisy during rainfall and can dent.


    These are incredibly long-lasting so that they won’t fade or rust. However, they are expensive.


    Vinyl is lightweight, easy to replace in gutter repair, inexpensive, rust and corrosion-proof.


    Copper doesn’t need painting, making them attractive and durable but are expensive attached from the roofing.

    Stainless Steel

    They are durable and study which can make them last longer. Stainless steel gutters can be painted, although they are heavy and noisy during rains.

    Gutter System

    Gutters are an essential component of a house and can be sometimes ignored by homeowners. They collect the rainwater from the roof and channel it to the ground with the help of downspouts. The water pours on the top. It rolls towards the gutter system, travelling to the ground. It is diverted from the house’s foundations so that it can travel away without causing water damage. Our services can keep your homes, commercial and residential buildings safe and maintained.

    Gutter Cleaning Services

    We offer different services in our gutter range. These are gutter cleaning, gutter repair, gutter installation and gutter replacement. Our professionals do a great job at taking care of your requirements with quality work.

    The gutter cleaning project is done in the following steps

    • Our workers inspect and clear the gutter location.
    • The debris from the gutter is removed.
    • The gutter is opened and appropriately sealed after all the cleaning is done.
    • Make sure the cleaning last long by staying in touch with the homeowner for any repairs.
    Gutter Repair

    The gutter repair project is carried out in the following steps

    • The location of gutters, roofing and walls are inspected for leakage.
    • Downspouts are checked and tightened from the roofing.
    • The leaks in the gutters are sealed.
    • Clogs are taken out before closing the gutters.
    • The slope is adequately placed so that the trickling down of water is not hindered.
    • The gutter repair asked explicitly by the homeowner is checked and resolved.
    • Our workers install gutter covers as per the requirement and demand by the owner.
    Gutter Installation

    The project of gutter installation is one of our outstanding services described below

    • The gutter location is inspected, and a measurement of downspouts, slope and roofing hanger mounting straps are taken.
    • The gutter system is prepared.
    • Once it is being designed, the outlets for downspouts are added.
    • Hangers are used to attach the gutter to the fascia board.
    • The downspouts are installed and secured to your home using brackets to make them stay in place.
    Gutter Replacement

    Gutter replacement project happens in the following stages.

    • The measurements of the previously installed gutter from the roofing are taken.
    • The old part of that gutter is removed.
    • New gutter brackets are installed screwed to the fascia on the roofing.
    • Downspout and gutter duck is added.
    • Gutter guards are placed.

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