For any homeowner, waking up or coming home to a roof leak is a nightmare scenario. Roof leaks can cause damage to personal belongings and can actually damage the structure of your home, as well. There’s also the fear that the leak will necessitate a costly full roof replacement. Experts here at Brody Allen Exteriors can assist in determining whether a quick fix is possible or if your situation requires a full roof replacement.

Minor Problems That May Lead to a Leak

The first thing you should know is that there are a variety of fairly minor issues that could lead your roof to leak. Yet, if you catch them quickly, then a minor repair could fix your roof leak.

One of the most common issues that cause roof leaks is missing or damaged shingles. To detect this issue early, you should check your roof for missing shingles at least twice a year.

Cracked or damaged flashing is another thing that could lead to a roof leak, but it is another problem that could be detected before a larger issue arises.

Damage That Suggests You Need a New Roof

Unless your roof is very old, there are only a few reasons that a leak could make an entire roof replacement necessary. One of them is if the water infiltration has damaged your roof’s underlayment or support structure. That kind of damage will happen if you let a leak go unnoticed or unaddressed for too long.

Often, damage to your roof’s substructure will lead to it sagging or appearing warped. If that’s the case with your roof, replacement is likely inevitable.

Consult the Roofing Experts

The bottom line is that a leak in your roof doesn’t always mean you need a new roof immediately. However, the sooner you spot and fix problems with your existing roof, the better off you’ll be. To help, the experts here at Brody Allen Exteriors offer a variety of services, including roof repair, gutter maintenance, and siding installation and repair. So, at the first sign of trouble with your roof, contact Brody Allen Exteriors immediately, and we’ll do our best to help you minimize the threat posed by any potential leaks.

Stephen Maassen


Stephen Maassen is the proud owner of Brody Allen Exteriors. With over 20 years of experience, he provides insightful tips on various roofing topics.
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